Academic Support 

​Tutoring is offered at Second Baptist Church (407 E. Broadway) on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Columbia Public Schools are in session. 

Transportation is provided free of charge to and from the program site along our designated route.  Youth that cannot be picked up, but can get to the program, will be transported home. Doors open at 4:30 and tutoring begins at 5:00. Students are dismissed at 6:00 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and at 6:30 on Thursdays (if staying for dinner).

Enrollment forms can be found on the application page of this website. Applications are required for admission into the Grade A Plus: Academic Support and Enrichment Program. Teachers and counselors can refer youth and families into the program. Once the application is received, a callback will be placed to the family to determine start date, transportation support and other concerns for enrollment.  


Math Up! (8th-12th Grade) 

Benefits of enrolling your student for tutoring through the Grade A Plus: Academic Support and Enrichment Program

  • One-on-one tutoring with community and college student volunteers

    • Our direct relationship with the University of Missouri via the service learning program, College of Education, and Graduate Math Department, enables us to provide the best academic support available on a community level. .

  • Access to learning using technology

  • Snacks provided and a hot meal on Thursday's.

  • Parents are welcome to join in the Thursday meal. 

  • Individual progress reports provided at the end of each semester

  • Focus on reading or math support. 

  • Enrichment activities designed to enhance learning  and boost confidence through swimming, yoga, basketball, hands on science, and robotics. 

  • Mentoring for empowerment through boy or girl discussion groups for 7th - 12th graders. 

Math Up! Grades 8-12
Math Up is specially designed for students in Grades 7-12. Students are able to work closely with graduate math tutors from the University of Missouri.
Enrichment sessions for these grade levels are held once every three weeks focused on job and career development as well as discussion sessions led by outside speakers. 
The following is a letter from a parent on how being in the Math Up componet has impacted her son:
"To let you know of the impact you made, he absolutely hates math and loves music and performing and acting. He tried out for, and made, a part in the high school musical production at BHS this fall. 

He was so excited til he found out that practice was on the two days of the week he comes to Grade A Plus. He made the decision, unbeknownst to us, to turn down the role he desperately wanted so he could attend your program. 

He also begged me to make sure he got signed up for the spring semester because he is catching up and doesn't want to fall behind. 

I have seen his self-esteem rise also, as he is learning that he is not stupid. He has felt stupid his whole school career because he can't understand math. He also has made the decision on his own that he is going to retake a math class he failed last year just so he can get it off his record and because he feels more confident that he can succeed at it now. 

He has a personal relationship with his tutor. My son looks up to him and respects him both as a teacher and a friend. His tutor went above and beyond at the end of the school last year by meeting with him on a Saturday at the library for three hours to help him prepare for finals, even though his tutor wasn't getting paid for his time. 

It warmed my heart to know that someone cares that much and wants to see my son succeed. 

Thanks again for your wonderful work.”

Academic Support and Enrichment Grades 3-7

      Students in elementary and middle school are tutored by College Undergrads and community volunteers. During each academic hour they receive the opportunity to work on math homework (first) with a tutor or increase their math skill development using the Khan Academy tutorial program.  Support for reading, writing, and social studies assignments are also  provided.  

      Wednesday enrichment sessions are part of the Positive Youth Development component. Students have the option of signing up for Dance, Robotics, Music, Literature & Creative Writing Club, and Swim classes (October only). 

Maximum enrollment is for three sessions a week, Tues & Thurs academics and a wed. enrichment session.  Students involved in other school activities can attend one academic session and one enrichment, or just the academic sessions. 


     Grade A Plus, believes that enrichment and learning outside the classroom is just as important as in school, in class learning.  Enrichment gives a child's brain a chance to explore, to dream, envision, to grow, and most importantly to learn for learning sake.  Not for test, not for tracking, but to learn as a form of being engaged in life. 

    Grade A Plus enrichment is not designed to be a recreation program or just a place or time to keep kids safe.  Grade A Plus enrichment offers skill development, transfer of information to increase knowledge, strategy building, and life supporting skill enhancement. 

     Several of the enrichment experiences provided by Grade A are listed below. 

  • Drown Proofing

  • Swim instruction 

  • Basketball

  • Robotics

  • Dance Arts

  • Yoga

  • Game Strategies

Spring 2019 




Sports: Altez Bagby, Coltrane Houston, Javion Dawson, Aidan Ferraro, Thomas Brown

Math: Aidan Ferraro, Austin Wyatt, Alex Inn, Haileah Chase, Lyla Oluoch, Cadence Ruffin, Aayush Dhakal, Micah Henry                

English: Jae’Dyn CrumAidan Ferraro, Austin Wyatt, Alex Inn, Haileah Chase

Science: Coltrane Houston, Kyrenee Thompson  

Reading: Lyla Oluoch, Cadence Ruffin

B Honor Role: Austin Wyatt



(Based on Program Data) 


Most Accrued Khan Academy Minutes

Micah Henry, Andrew Inn, Lakeen Howard

Most Accrued Math Minutes

     Altez Bagby, Austin Wyatt, Ma’Rya Edwards, Ace Wyatt

Most Accrued Reading Minutes 

      Elementary: Micah Henry, Angela Inn, Andrew Inn

Demonstrated Strong Academic Study Behaviors

(Consistently rated a 3 throughout the term)  

   Pan Zhang, Ashtyn Chase, Breahna Wright, Haileah Chase

Attendance Awards  

Haileah Chase, Kyrenee Thompson, Da'Nya Edwards, Altez Bagby, Jibesh Dhakal, Austin Wyatt, Thomas Brown, Arilya Rucker, Ashtyn Chase, Lyla Oluoch, Lakeen Howard, Aayush Dhakal, Aniyah Wiley 

Enrichment Awards:

Basketball:  Ace Wyatt, Jibesh Dhakal, Aayush Dhakal, De'Shaun Linzie, Andrew Inn, Angela Inn, Austin Wyatt, Jae'Dyn Crum


Yoga: Ma'Rya Edwards, Da'Nya Edwards, Aniyah Wiley, Arilya Rucker, Andreea Murray, Lakeen Howard

Dance: Ma'Rya Edwards, Da'Nya Edwards, Aniyah Wiley, Arilya Rucker, Andreea Murray, Lakeen Howard

Swimming: Ma'Rya Edwards, Da'Nya Edwards, Aniyah Wiley, Arilya Rucker, Andreea Murray, Lakeen Howard, Jibesh Dhakal, Aayush Dhakal, De'Shaun Linzie, Andrew Inn, Angela Inn, Andreea Murray, Lakeen Howard, Jae'Dyn Crum, Ashtyn Chase, Cadence Ruffin

Music: Da'Nya Edwards, Andreea Murray, Lakeen Howard, Ace Wyatt, Austin Wyatt, Lyla Oluoch, Danielle Gray, Cadence Ruffin, Arilya Rucker, Thelen Moss

Writing Center Award: Andreea Murray

Excellent Effort Toward Academic Progress: Ma´Rya Edwards, Lakeen Howard

Excellent Academic Rigor: Jae’Dyn Crum-Douglas, Andrew Inn

Fall 2019 Awardees


(Based on Report Card Data) 

Academic Excellence 

       Aayush Dhakal, Danielle Gray, Jibesh Dhakal, Andrew Inn

Improvement in Math 

        Abbie Hamby


Class MVP

       Lyla Oluoch



(Based on Program Data) 

Tutors Choice

    Abbie Hamby, Linet Kagiri, Asia Smith, Yasmeen Brand

Most Accrued Math Minutes

    Nicholas Williams, Da'Nya Edwards, Yasmeen Brand, Linet Kagiri, Aayush Dhakal, Arilya Rucker

Most Accrued Reading Minutes 

        Andrew Inn, Angela Inn, Alex Inn, Ace Wyatt

Demonstrated  Strong Academic Study Behaviors 

 (Consistently rated a 3 throughout the term) 

      Asia Smith, Yasmeen Brand, Andrew Inn

Attendance Awards

      Alex Inn, Ma'Rya Edwards, Danielle Gray, Lyla Oluoch

Enrichment Awards

(Based on participation in enrichment activities)


      Armoni Owens, Jae'dyn Crum-Douglas, Da'Nya Edwards, Ma'Rya Edwards, Linet Kagiri, Jibesh Dhakal, Aayush Dhakal, Da'shawn Linzie, Quantrell Johnson, Diamond Portwood, Cadence Ruffin


     Ma'Rya Edwards, Da'Nya Edwards, Aniyah Wiley, Arilya Rucker, Danielle Gray, Jae'dyn Crum-Douglas, Cadance Ruffin

Female empowerment 

     Danielle Gray, Da'Nya Edwards, Ma'Rya Edwards, Aniyah Wiley, Arilya Rucker, Austin Wyatt

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