College Student Volunteer Positions 

Grade A Plus provides opportunities for leadership and service through several positions in the organization:

  • Community & College Student Volunteer Program Team Leadership

  • Support Team Leadership

  • Community Advisory Leadership

  • Executive Board Leadership

  • College Student Manager Leadership

Positions in Grade A Plus are volunteer but do require commitment and consistency for the programs to operate smoothly and effectively.



From The Tutors

 " I feel that I became a stronger leader through my semester at FHG. I have always been a leader growing up, however, in the past, I was told what to do and then I coordinated it. Through my position at FHG, I got more control over what I was leading through things like snack preparation and time management. I really felt the importance of my leadership when I realized just how much the children depended on me for snacks and just a friend at the end of the day. Being in charge of a specific area is also more intense than just helping out. If I didn’t hold up my end of the snacks, the children simply wouldn’t get one. It was a lot of stress, but completely worth it at the end of the day. "

                      - Onoleigh, Spring 2016

Here's what one college student volunteer had to say about her experience:

"As I got to know each of the kids individually, I found myself looking forward to coming back and helping them. Figuring out how to work with each of them academically in conjunction with their unique personalities has been a challenge, but one which provides great rewards once overcome. There is nothing better than seeing the students do more than even they thought possible. "

                                - Emily, Spring 2014

My involvement with Grade A has been phenomenal, and it has enhanced my academic learning by me being able to engage in critical thinking skills and problem solving. I have become a very creative thinker and I am also able to consider different points of view and understanding them.

                    - Ebony, Fall 2015

Personally, I gained so much from this experience. I gained a new perspective on life and what I want to do with mine. I gained even more patience, just from working with the students. I gained a more positive outlook on life because the kids are so happy and so eager to learn and that really just makes you appreciate what you have. I gained the knowledge that my attitude has such a big impact on the attitude of others (sometimes more than I realize. For example, the kids would notice if I came in and I was tired and that would make them less eager to do their homework, but if I came in after I had a really good day, it would be a better experience for us all. I cannot thank Grade A! Enough for the tools that they have provided for me and my future through their program.

I would definitely recommend this experience to other volunteers. It is everything you could want from a volunteer experience- flexible, upbeat, and rewarding beyond words.

-Alyssa, Spring 2017

 "Yes, a lot changed in my thinking regarding my educational and personal goals. Grade A Plus, Inc. does a lot for the adolescents. By helping these children, the organization indirectly makes effects on the volunteers as well. Grade A Plus, Inc. offers opportunities for leadership growth and community service. For me, I have started to figure out the best strategies to empower youth academically and teach them the rights and wrongs of ethical dilemmas." -Eric, Spring 2016   

I believe that Grade A! tutoring is definitely based on servant leadership.  Mr. Anderson and Dr. Dawson-Threat do a wonderful job of volunteering their time to this program. They make sure that they are giving their full attention to ways of improving the program and making the children want to achieve more and to do better in school. They do an amazing job of putting their whole hearts into putting the volunteers, the community, the parents, and, most importantly, the children first. They exemplify the word servant leadership and I have learned so much about how to achieve servant leadership through them. I feel as though throughout my semester there I have developed the skills to be a better servant leader and to really focus on serving the needs of others instead of always just thinking about myself. I feel that servant leadership is a huge part of any organization and it’s important to harness that idea and incorporate it into your professional life.

                            - Gabrielle, Fall 2015

My involvement with Grade A helped me grow both academically and personally. Which is much more than I had anticipated. Through time management with a full time job, full time school, and volunteering, Grade A has helped fit the last piece to the puzzle. It has allowed me to manage my time a lot more wisely, thus increasing my academic performance in classes; exams in particular. On a more personal note, by connecting with the children whom I tutored, I have had my eyes open to how much helping the community really is respected. I have grown to enjoy community service and helping the children when my time allots for it. 


My thoughts on community service have vastly changed. The community needs help and if you live in it then you should take time out to contribute to it. Volunteering has allowed me to see that I can take on loads of work and still make time for helping the community. This influences my views of the future and goals that I have set for myself. These have now changed to incorporate both volunteering and setting goals to help better the community.

                                - Ken, Spring 2015

 "As the student Marketing Coordinator, I gained real life experience in my field. I gained valuable experience dealing with positive image and how structure, visibility and availability of information help to achieve this image."

    - Katherine, Spring 2014 (below right)

"The most valuable part of spending my Tuesdays and Thursdays with Grade A was being able to apply the concepts and skills I learned in class to a "real world" application. Reworking Grade A's data system opened my eyes to the way we can analyze and present tutor/student data, and my sincerest hope is that my work will contribute to a new grant or increases in the ones that are currently funding the program."

            - Paige, Spring 2014 (below left)

"It contributed to my understanding and working with a diverse group in the way that it is something I have never done before.  It was all a learning experience and it gave me a lot of knowledge and understanding and I took a lot away from working with a diverse group." - Abby, Spring 2016

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