Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Grade A Plus Incorporated a not for profit corporation?

Grade A Plus Incorporated applied for NFP status in 2001 and fulfilled the probationary status requirements to receive permanent status in 2005. Annual reports to maintain that status are filed every year with the IRS.

How does one get involved with Grade A Plus Incorporated?

Grade A Plus Incorporated provides programs and services that appeal to the interests and needs of youth.  Youth are enrolled in a program or service for 1-2 semesters by their families i.e. after-school tutoring, mentoring or dance academy.  Families are included in additional outreach services and support as they are available and needed.  Family members are encouraged to become involved through participation, support activities, fundraising and marketing related to the activities of their child.  Members of the community are invited to volunteer in roles designated for participation such as tutors, mentors, interns, program hosts, or collaborating partners.

How does Grade A Plus Incorporated support programs and activities financially?

Program funds are acquired through grant writing and fundraising activities.  Individual contributions are provided for youth through sponsorship and scholarship sources. Summer travel is underwritten by participating families and several fundraising activities and many donors and sponsors. Individual contributors receive tax-deductible receipts for donations provided as in-kind gifts, cash purchases or cash contribution.  Operating and administrative cost are underwritten by donor participants. Some programs are funded by participation fees.  Facility and transportation support is generally provided by churches or community organizations and through use of private vehicles as in-kind contributions. In 2013, the Grade A Plus Academic Support & Enrichment Program was funded by Heart of Missouri United Way of Columbia, MO to help improve academic support and transition of youth who reside in high risk communities to assist in succeeding into and out of middle school. In 2017, the City of Columbia Human Services Department also became a sponsor of the program. 

What are the primary programs and services provided by Grade A Plus Incorporated?

Youth and families can request involvement by enrolling their children in any program or service of the organization. The primary programs offered are Grade A Plus Academic Support (tutoring and mentoring), Enrichment services that provide field trips to concerts, lectures, community events, and guest speakers, presentations, science sessions and summer camp support are also a part of the offerings that families can receive by enrolling their children in the program. 


What is the structural operation of Grade A Plus Incorporated?

Community members are encouraged to apply for seats on the Board of Directors which are responsible for providing governance and directional leadership to the organization.  Corporations are encouraged to lend civic minded employees to also serve on the board and lend a hand in the development and operation of the organization.  GAP utilizes a committee process to encompass parents, community and students to work in conjunction with the Executive Director.  Support Staff include the transportation and food service team members who are also community and student volunteers.  Students also serve as Hero managers, tutors, and leaders working in conjunction with the Executive Director.

Call Us: (573)268-4372   /   /  P.O. Box 30843, Columbia, MO 65205

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