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    Grade A Plus can receive donations at any time through the Donate button above. The Pay Pal company serves as our intermediary in receiving your funds.  We are then able to allocate those funds into the Grade A Plus: Academic Support and Enrichment Program or to the FHG Outreach Dance program per the stipulations of the fundraiser campaign or your instructions when you make your donation.


     If you have a PayPal account you can send your donation using the Friends and Family feature.  It's free to receive money from friends or family in the U.S. when you send the money from the PayPal website using only your PayPal balance or your bank account, or a combination of your PayPal balance and bank account. Go to MONEY, in the dropdown menu go to Send or request money, click on Send to friends and family, enter our email address (, add a note to designate the program you wish to support, and proceed to complete the transaction. All funds you send will be sent to our account. All fees are waived for these payments if available! 


     You can also make a donation using the button found at the top of our header on this website.  A donate box will appear and you can enter any amount you would like. Again you can use your paypal funds or use a Debit or Credit Card. Enter your credit card information as requested. Click Donate Now.  The donation will go through and then return you to the Grade A Plus webpage. PayPal will always show you if there is a fee and how much the fee is before you send money. The donate button now connects to the tax deductible giving option.


    Thank you for your payment. When your transaction has been completed, a receipt for your purchase will be emailed to you. You may log into your account at to view details of your transaction. 




Dear Friends of Grade A Plus,  

   This email is an invitation to ask for your support and assistance in participating in the upcoming COMOGIVES campaign which runs from Dec. 1 - Dec. 31.  We are using the month of November to prepare for the campaign by building the Grade A Plus network with your help. We have a group leaders for the Board of Director team(Ms. Kay Whittler,); the college student team (Julia Angell); and the Family leader team (Ms. Shondra White).  Throughout the month they will  help us in communicating with you to build additional contacts and follow up communication to solicit support.  We can do great things as a community, when we work together for the good of the children in the community through Grade A Plus. 


   We have several levels of participation that we hope you will consider. 

   First level, is to consider becoming a campaign PEER LEADER.  If you agree, please sign up at:  That's it!  At this level we hope you will share information about Grade A Plus through Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Twitter or just by talking to people about the program.  That's it! 


   Second level, is to consider developing a PEER GROUP NETWORK. If you agree, please sign up at:,  to form a group and share the names and contact information there. Then, we hope you and your group will share about Grade A Plus through social media to spread the word about the programs. That's it! 


   Finally, you also have the option to develop a BUSINESS GROUP NETWORK for the campaign.  The sharing of social media post and other news with business companies that you like and you invest in is a way to obtain their support. The PEER -TO-PEER campaign can help you to reach out and invite their support for the Grade A Plus program! If you agree please share the names and contact information of companies in your business group network at: That's it!


   We plan to present awards for those who help in building the 2019 Grade A Network after the COMOGIVES CAMPAIGN closes on Dec. 31st.  Our plan for Appreciation Awards are: 

  • For the Peer Leader that builds the largest contributing Peer Group Network

  • For the Peer Group Network that contributes the largest sum of funds

  • For the Peer Leader that  builds the largest contributing  Business Group Network 

  • For the Peer Leader that motivates the largest number of Off Line contributions through the mail

What does Grade A Plus plan to do with funds raised

during the 2019 COMOGIVES campaign? 

  • Support Grade A Students attending Summer Camp in 2020

  • Increase Grade A's ability to improve their transportation support system 

  • Increase staff support to serve the increased student enrollment 

Please note!  We are not asking you to ask ANYONE FOR MONEY!  The campaign for requesting donations operates in December.  For November, we are just building the network list through the links provided in this announcement.  


Link for the First Facebook Share is below. 

Facebook Link:


As people sign up to join the network, we'll send more links to them to learn about the subsequent steps.  


Dr. J 

Founder and Executive Director 

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