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     Grade A Plus Incorporated, was renamed and created a new vision in January 2017. Originally known as For His Glory, Inc., and founded by the Rev. Wesley G. Threat (emeritus) and Dr. Janice Dawson-Threat, in 1999,  it has always served as an all-volunteer, community-based Not-for-Profit agency. 


     Our commitment to service is rooted deeply in our love for the community. Our mission? To link community together through service and education, "Learning to do well" was the original motto.

    Today, we continue to guide youth toward becoming positive members of society and gaining the confidence and independence needed to reach their full potential as learners in and out of school. We believe we are encouraging the leaders and achievers of tomorrow to do well. Our motto today is, Grade A Plus is Investing in You. 

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Second Missionary Baptist Church of Columbia 

MU Service Learning

MU Graduate Math Department 

MU College of Education 

Almeta Crayton Community Programs 

Columbia Educational Robotics Foundation (CERF)

Macher Swim Club 


Heart of Missouri United Way

City of Columbia, Human Services



Executive Advisory Committee Members

Dr. Stephen-Montgomery Smith (2016)

Prof. Phil Peters (2017) 

Support Team Members

David Briscoe &  Tim Hudspeth, Transportation Team 

Elijah Montgomery-Smith, Michelle Wyatt, Program Assistants  

Community Volunteer Leaders

Ada & Jerome Thompson, Food Service Team Leaders

GAP Hero Team:

Management Leaders 

Ian Campbell, Graduate Math Student Team Leader

Vacant, Marketing Student Team Leader

Vacant, Data Team Student Leader 

Skills Development Leaders 

Emilee Dent, Primary Development Leader 

Truman Runyan, Reading Development Leader

Elana Erickson, Writing Development Leader 


 Dr. Janice Dawson-Threat 

GAP Founder & Executive Director (2000)

Marcia Collins 

GAP Executive Board Secretary (2013) 

Tami Benus, CPA

T Benus Associates, LLC

GAP Finance Director (2013) 

Dr. Tunde Akinmoladun

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center -Office of Public Health 

GAP Governance & Policies Director (2013) 

Dr. Clyde L. Ruffin 

Second Missionary Baptist Church, Senior Pastor 

GAP Church Relations Director (2013) 

LaShauna Guy 

Family Leader 

GAP Family Relations Director (2016)

Lady Rhonda Butler 

MU Administrative Assistant 

GAP Church Relations Director (2019)

Larry Lambert 

Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company, Associate General Counsel

GAP Legal & Risk Management Director  (2019)

Fran Muench 

First Presbyterian Church, Business Director

GAP Business Relations Director (2019)

Michelle Sheppard

Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company, Corporate Actuary

GAP Data Management Director (2019)

Kay Whittler 

Financial Services Director 

GAP Legal & Risk Management Director (2019)

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